So Much Good Will!

Whenever somebody says or writes, “Marvel better not screw up [character very few people actually care about]! All of their accumulated good will is riding on this!” I imagine this scenario:

Executive: Okay, people, good run! Pack it all up. They’ve got to film an infomercial in this studio tomorrow.

Creative: Wait, what? But… but we were already renewed!

Executive: No, the fans have spoken. We screwed up Deathlok and it’s all over now.

Creative: So, just like that, “Agents of SHIELD” is off the—

Executive: Weren’t you listening? We screwed up Deathlok. It’s all over. The films and everything.

Creative: What? We’ve grossed over two billion dollars! The cinematic Nick Fury and Iron Man are so popular, Marvel has actually retooled the comics characters to be more like them! We’ve parlayed our film success into groundbreaking deals for television and internet content! And you’re saying it’s all over because of one occasionally-recurring chracter?

Executive: Yes, but then we went and made a version of one character who didn’t line up exactly with a small cabal of internet fanboys’ expectations, and we ruined everything.

Creative: Then I imagine we’ll be rebooting soon.

Executive: Nope. We just sold all the film rights we had to The Asylum for $500 and autographs from Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. They think they might be able to get a few SyFy original pictures out of the characters.

Yeah. Still doesn’t seem plausible.

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